Childminder/Foster carers card

Childminder/Foster carer prices:


1 ADULT 1 CHILD                       £3.65

1 ADULT 2 CHILDREN              £6.00

1 ADULT 3 CHILDREN              £8.35

1 ADULT 4 CHILDREN              £10.35

PLUS 20% OFF at any other times. Including: Weekends, School Holidays, Bank Holidays and TD Days. This applies to children of any age 


To register for your Childminder/Foster carer card, simply visit Kidz About and ask a member of staff for more details.

Please note: before the transaction takes place, you must produce your official, valid registration documents as proof to qualify for these prices as a childminder or foster carer. 


There is a £1 admin fee for the card. Registration can be taken within Kidz About. Please note: this offer cannot be

used in conjunction with any other offer. 


The Card MUST be shown on each visit to Kidz About, for this offer to be applied. 

You will need to maintain a maximum of 4 children per adult for insurance purposes. Any additional children will be charged full price. 

Please Note: If you DO NOT have your childminder/foster carer card with you on your visit to Kidz About, we are NOT able to apply the offer to your transaction. 


1. The Kidz About Childminder/Foster Carer card entitles the registered childminder/foster carer to a special entry fee for their party of                     preschool children. This is valid Monday-Friday 9:30am-2:30pm term time only. It is not valid during weekends, school holidays (including           bank holidays or TD days). Instead, 20% discount will be applied for these times for a maximum of 4 children. 

2. The card is only for use by the Childminder/Foster carer who registered use of the card. This is closely monitored, anyone found missusing           their card, will have their memberships withdrawn with no refund. 

3. Membership is valid for 12 months. 

4. Please inform a member of staff if you have lost your card. There will be a charge of £1 for new cards issued. 

5. Cards must be shown on each visit before the till transaction begins or the discount will not be honoured on that visit. 

6. The Childminder/Foster carer offers cannot be used in-conjunction with any other offers.

7.  Kidz About will not tolerate any form of abusive or threatening behaviour towards any member of Kidz About staff, or any othet person                  present of the premises. Parents/Guardians, Childminders or Carers are responsible for the behaviour of children in their care at all times.            Continuous anti-social behaviour will result is the termination of the membership and you will be asked to leave the centre with no refund            offered.

8. The Management reserve the right to withdraw memberships, if the holders are in breach of the Rules of Play, or the card is found to be                  being used by other parties other than who is registered. 

9. The Management reserve the right to amend the T&C's of the memberships at any time. In all cases of dispute the Managements decision is           final. 

10. Entry charges are subject to change without notice. 


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